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Accepting checks has always meant risk. Bounced checks, forgeries, check washing and other problems meant trouble for the merchant. With NuMoney Check Guarantee bad checks are a thing of the past. Check Guarantee converts a paper check into an electronic transaction at the point of sale. The transaction takes place instantly and the merchant is guaranteed payment for the amount of the check. This means no NSF fees, no deposit fees, no bounced checks, no trips to the bank and no problems. Merchants can now accept all types of checks, including out-of-state checks, with peace of mind and financial security. Detailed reporting of every transaction is available online and depot tracking is available. Funds are available fast and customers' payment options increase, meaning they will spend more. Increase sales with NuMoney Check Guarantee!

  • Eliminate bad checks.
  • Increase sales by accepting all types of checks, including out of state checks.
  • Detailed online reporting & depot tracking available.
  • Eliminate NFS fees, deposit fees, and trips to the bank.
  • Less expensive than processing credit cards.
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